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In my helloWorld template from LimeJS I get a blank screen with FPS box running and nothing else.

However if I just comment out director.makeMobileWebAppCapable(); it runs just fine. I can see the orange circle and move it around. Spent 2 days on google and formus and couldnt find anyone else having this same problem, in all tutorials nobody even mention this line so I guess everyone assumes it always works.

I had no troubles installing LimeJS I dont get any other errors, with director.makeMobileWebAppCapable(); commented out I was able to go through a few tutorials and everything works fine but this one function.

I use:

win xp sp3, 
python 2.7.3

Got all the other esensials mentioned on the getting started page. Has anyone any idea what might be causing this ?

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Run it in Chrome or something with a debugger and look at the console. I run mine in chrome, right click and "inspect element" opens up my debugger frame, then I just click "console" tab and see if any errors are being thrown.

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I'm assuming this is after you've declared your director as well. :) – jtstroup Jan 29 '13 at 20:26

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