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My Windows's locale is Chinese/Code Page 936. When I create a patch by Tortoise SVN (even if the Tortoise SVN is in English UI), it create a patch file with header like this:

Index: C:/mypath/myfile.txt
--- C:/mypath/myfile.txt    (版本 3174)
+++ C:/mypath/myfile.txt    (工作副本)

The characters (工作副本) in header is GBK(CP936) encoded. And my myfile.txt is a UTF-8 file, so the content of the patch is UTF-8 encoded. The whole patch file is mixed encoded, which is bad.

How can I make the patch's header be in English and ASCII?

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Can you use the command line client? – Rudi Oct 29 '12 at 8:04
Yes, the command line one works fine! – user955091 Oct 29 '12 at 14:13

While this does not solve the TortoiseSVN problem, you can generate the patches with a command line client like Windows Powershell . You can disable the translation there, when you set the environment variable LC_ALL to C.

:: disable the translation
set LC_ALL=C
:: create the patch
svn diff {diff params} > patch.diff
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