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I apologize if this question seems rudimentary. I'm a bit unclear on if it's possible / how to use for loops with a list of data frames in R.

I have dataframes that are subsets of a larger dataframe:

billysuzy <- subset(userlist,user1 %in% c("billy","suzy"))
joefrank<- subset(userlist,user1 %in% c("joe","frank"))
georgelenny <- subset(userlist,user1 %in% c("george","lenny"))

I would like to loop through and find correlation values for the same variables (time and simscore) for each subset.

cor(time, simscore)

However, I am quite uncertain how to structure such a for loop and unsure how to structure a function to attach and detach within lapply.

I was thinking:

somelist <- list(billysuzy, joefrank, georgelenny)

with lapply:

corz <-  lapply(somelist, function(df)  detach(), attach(df),cor(time, simscore))
lapply(corz, print)    

or with for:

for (i in 1:length(somelist)){
    cor(time, simscore)

I apologize for offending anyone's R sensibilities or if the seems like two questions - the answer is any which describes how to do the one thing i.e. loop through the dfs in the list and find there corr values.

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I would really recommend avoiding attach and detach.

You could try something like this

corz <-  lapply(somelist, function(df)  cor_time_sim = cor(df$time, df$simscore))


corz <-  lapply(somelist, function(DF)  {with(DF, corst <-  cor(time, simscore))})


corz <-  lapply(somelist, with, corst <-  cor(time, simscore))
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Setting the variable cor_time_sim caused the error message: "Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos) : argument is missing, with no default". I dropped it and just used cor and it worked great. Thank you. – Donnied Oct 26 '12 at 1:17
See my two edits, it was due to using = not <- for assignment. – mnel Oct 26 '12 at 1:20

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