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I'm using Cheerio ( to scrape websites and get images for a project I'm working on. I'm wondering if there's an easy way with Node.js (or another package) to convert the $(img).attr('src') to a fully qualified URL? Sometimes I'll get "image.jpg" and other times "../../image.jpg", and other times "//somepath/image.jpg". Perhaps I'm just missing a regex of some sort... Thanks for your time :)

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We will need the url of the scrapped site... Or an example of a site like that. Either way, I recommend you to build yourself an extra function to parse these values. – hermanjunge Oct 26 '12 at 3:42
Ohh Brilliant !! I was troubled by the exact same thing, was manually writing out solutions for each of these. God bless SO ! – vishalv2050 May 31 '14 at 15:28
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Look at the node url module. Specifically url.resolve(from, to) should be what you're looking for.

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Thanks!! I appreciate it. – ewindsor Oct 26 '12 at 18:20

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