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I'm still a noobie in Sencha touch 2. So the problem i have here is im using this date-time-picker made by someone else. I just want to be able to modify a property of the date-time-picker, but it doesnt have a usual get or set methods.

                            xtype: 'datetimepickerfield',
                            flex: 1,
                            id: 'approxBedtime',
                            width: 110,
                            //placeHolder: '9:00 PM',
                            value: new Date('','','',22,0),
                            dateTimeFormat: 'h:i:A',
                            picker: {
                                useTitles: true,
                                minuteInterval: 1,
                                ampm: true,
                                slotOrder: ['hour', 'minute', 'ampm'],

This is in my view, and i want to modify the ampm with javascript in a controller, or intialize function. Is it possible?

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in controller (eg. if you defined in ref section: 'dateTimePicker': '#mypicker')

var datetimepicker = this.getDateTimePicker();
var picker = datetimepicker.getPicker();

Cheers, Oleg

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