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I have the following coce:

if (link.action === "Create") {

However my link.action could be:

Create xxxx 

Is there a way I can change this match so it just checks for the start being "Create" ?

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Use a regular expression.

if (link.action.match(/^Create/) {


^ is a special character: an anchor which matches only the beginning of the input.

More reading on regex in general: http://www.regular-expressions.info

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Just Check string.indexOf(string_to_check). It returns the index number for a 'string_to_check', if it exists in the string. Any in your case, you want the string start with "Create", so the index should be always 0 in your case.

So, You can try this

if (link.action.indexOf("Create") == 0) {
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Will also work as you like as above mentioned methods. For further read String object reference in java script.

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