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I have a program "myprogram" and it waits for a enter key when run on console. After we press somekey it exits. I want to run this myprogram in background and ignore stdin input.

I have a smaple script,

sample.sh script

./myprogram &
exit 0

but when I run,

%sh sample.sh

some how myprogram gets some inputs from stdin and exits.. I want to stop it from getting any input from stdin so even after sample.sh exits myprogram continue to run.

Please suggest how I can update sample.sh script to achieve this.

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You can connect the program's standard-input to /dev/null:

./myprogram < /dev/null &
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Thanks. I tried it, % ./myprogram < /dev/null & this works on a console terminal but when run it from inside my script it doesnot work –  pawan Oct 26 '12 at 4:48

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