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I want to take the Responsive theme and create a website out of it. However, from a fresh install, I have no idea how to take it from what seems like predominantly a blogging site with sidebars, to a fully robust business website.

Are there any tutorials out there to show how to transform a theme such as that into a robust, fully functioning business website?

All I end up with is this stuff about creating a template, but it still looks like it's creating a blog post.

I want separate sections on the website, which in normal web dev would be divs and divs.

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If you want to learn more about responsive design, I would check out the Twitter Bootstrap library, as it has that functionality as well as a whole bunch of other things that will help speed up your development process.

As for actually implementing this as a wordpress theme, I would read their documentation, last time I did this (about 4 years ago), it wasn't too bad.

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