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I have included some controls from "Cocoa Controls" in our project using mono bindings and they all work fine except there is one I cant get working I was hoping someone could spot an obvious mistake.

here is the objective C header

typedef enum {
kWTShort = 1,
kWTLong = 5
} WToastLength;

@interface WToast : UIView

+ (void)showWithText:(NSString *)text;
+ (void)showWithImage:(UIImage *)image;

+ (void)showWithText:(NSString *)text length:(WToastLength)length textColor:(UIColor *)    textColor backgroundColor:(UIColor *) backGroundColor;
+ (void)showWithImage:(UIImage *)image length:(WToastLength)length;


and here is the Mono ApiDefinition

[BaseType (typeof(UIView))]
interface WToast
       void ShowText(String text);

    void ShowText(string text,ToastLenght lenght,UIColor textColor,UIColor   backgroundColor);

note I have not included the enum ToastLength

any way the object instantiates but when I call ShowText the program cant find the selector [WToast showWithText:]

I hope someone can help

regards Christian Stœr Andersen

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I think I just needed to walk away from the code for a bit.

the answer is that I am a bit thick

You will notice that the objective c function is

+ (void)showWithText:(NSString *)text;


- (void)showWithText:(NSString *)text;

there for the Mono definition should be

   void ShowText(String text);


   void ShowText(String text);

Thanks All

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