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I have a hierarchy of views such that :

BiggerView extends ViewGroup
      |----------------------MyImageView extends ImageView 

The BiggerView is as big as the MyImageView and now I need to put 2 small images on MyImageView at the position where user presses longPress.These two small images shall be moveable/dragable over the MyImageView. Now there are two parts to this problem :

  1. How to put these two images over MyImageView. I know Absolute Layout used to be one solution for this but now it is highly unrecommended. Drawing these images as drawables may not give me gesture control events on these 2 images.I believe this should not be a new problem and many other must have faced such a need and would have accomplished it.

  2. After having placed these 2 images on MyImageView. What approach should I follow to move these images on onMove event ? Should I just call layout method with new dX and dY ?

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Using a relative layout you can layer images just fine.

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Using framelayout you can place one image over the other, then you can set visibility in java depending on the image you want to set as visible.

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a. You can use RelativeLayout and position the new ImageViews relative to the container such that they overlap MyImageView

b. You can use Animation to move images around. http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/graphics/prop-animation.html

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