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I am going to make a small android app for myself that automatically logs into skype at 8:00am every morning. The question I have for you all is, what code do I use to go into the skype app, enter in my hardcoded username/password, and sign in? Is there a different method to doing this? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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You could download the skype app and log into it. Then every morning at 8, use AlarmManager to start the intent used by the skype app so that skype is automatically started.

AlarmManager reference:


You can use this to launch the intent for skype:

PackageManager packageManager = getPackageManager();

another name for this package could be "com.skype.raider"

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Your question is too broad. But here is a starting reference how to start Skype through an intent and pass in username here After that I suggest you research how to set up a background service and create a timer.

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