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This may be a dumb question - and the title may need to be improved... I think my requirement is pretty simple: I want to send a request for data from a client to a server program, and the server (not the client) should respond with something like "Received your request - working on it". The client then does other work. Then when the server has obtained the data, it should send an asynchronous message (a popup?) saying "I've got your data; click on ... (presumably a URL) to obtain data". I have been assuming that the server could be written in Java and that client is html and JavaScript. I haven't been able to come up with a clean solution - help would be appreciated.

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Try to employ "Websocket Method" by using "SuperWebSocket" for server side, and "WebSocket4Net" for client side. It is working perfectly for my current project.

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Most of the work invovles the server being asynchronous. To do this you must

  1. Have an ajax call to the server that starts a job and returns a confirmation the job has been started.
  2. A page on the server that will return whether or not any jobs are complete for a user.
  3. Have an ajax widget on your client side that pings that page on teh server every so often to see if any jobs have been completed. And if so make a pop up.

This is the only way unless you use Flex data services.

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Are you trying to do this on the HTTP protocol? It sounds like you're talking about a web application here, but it's not clear from the question. If so, then there are a variety of techniques for accomplishing this using AJAX which collectively go under the name "Comet". Depending on exactly what you're trying to accomplish, a number of different implementation, on both the client and server side, may be appropriate.

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for pure java i suggest something like jgroups (client+server are java) for html, you should use ajax - there you have a timer that checks every X seconds

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Nowadays you have an alternative technique to use: Websockets. These are used for server->client communication without polling or ajax-style delayed responses.

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Thanks for the feedback! Sounds like it was just a matter of waiting for appropriate technology to show up! I have also been told recently that HTML5 addresses this problem - comments? –  Paul Morrison May 1 '11 at 13:42
Websockets are a very new part of the big bundle that is called HTML5. –  gbjbaanb May 1 '11 at 14:39

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