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in php m using code for reading a csv file and storing it into a string separated by comma... now my string is something like this:

$string= '9878546512','9785456213','9632587412','9753159821','9467521234','9638527412'..and so on in future i may have many numbers like this in $string may be 1000 phone numbers copied from csv file to $string...

now my question is that what is maximum size of a string variable in php so that i can limit number of characters read into $string variable...

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There's no architectural limit on a single string variable per se. You can slurp in the contents of an entire file, for instance using file_get_contents()

However, a PHP script has a limit on the total memory it can allocate for all variables in a given script execution, so this effectively places a limit on the length of a single string variable too.

This limit is the memory_limit directive in the php.ini configuration file. The memory limit defaults to 128MB in PHP 5.2, and 8MB in earlier releases.

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