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I know that it is possible to use markdown inside comments and doxygen can understand it. But I need to know if it is possible to generate the documentation in markdown format?

I need these documentation to be generated from C++ files.

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I guess using the raw XML output you can probably write your own markdown conversion module. But I'm pretty sure (even if not 100%) direct markdown output is not possible, yet. – Christian Rau Oct 26 '12 at 6:47
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Generate XML with DOxygen http://www.stack.nl/~dimitri/doxygen/customize.html#xmlgenerator.

Use PanDoc http://pandoc.org/ to convert XML to Markdown.

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This is a bogus answer, "XML" is a very generic format and pandoc has no support for doxygen's XML output. – Tamás Szelei Jun 23 at 22:03

I don't know of anything that will do it directly, but Doxygen has the ability to output an XML document using the XML generator.

There are various projects out there that can then consume said XML data to transform it, one of the simplest ones that I am aware of is Breathe which is used to convert the XML documents to something that Sphinx can use to output documentation using Doxygen as a pre-processor so to say.

The code for Breathe may be simple enough to use as a starting point to then generate Markdown files instead of the ReStructuredText files that Sphinx requires. I haven't looked at the code for Breathe, but I have used it for some major projects.

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