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I am working with FontNames from PDF documents and wish to convert them to one of the 14 standard fonts if possible. An example is:


Are there standards for the punctuation and values of the pre/suf/fixes? I have found both -Oblique .I and -Italic as suffixes all - presumably - meaning Italic. Or are the names semantically void?

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The prefix is as defined in the PDF specification:

For a font subset, the PostScript name of the font — the value of the font’s BaseFont entry and the font descriptor’s FontName entry — shall begin with a tag followed by a plus sign (+). The tag shall consist of exactly six uppercase letters; the choice of letters is arbitrary, but different subsets in the same PDF file shall have different tags.

Otherwise there merely are some common naming patterns; Jon Tan has tried to catalogue some here.

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thanks - what I expected. thanks for reference – peter.murray.rust Oct 26 '12 at 10:03

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