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We have a Java MOJO configured in Jenkins. Once the code is build in CI, surefire reports would be generated. We have Junit and Selenium test cases to test the application.

I need to present the results coming from the test cases in a HTML format. Is there any plugin available for Jenkins to display the content in HTML format?

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First you need to install the Selenium HTML Report Plugin. If you are not aware of installing the plugin, use this link

After installing the Selenium HTML report plugin, Add the post build script to generate the HTML content from the surefire reports. Use the following screenshot for configuring the HTML plugin..

Configuring the SeleniumHTML Report plugin in Jenkins

Change the ProjectRoot with your MOJO

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  1. Install "Selenium HTML Report Plugin" into jenkins.
  2. In the post build action add below actions.

    action 1: Publish Selenium HTML Report

    value: */(Job Name)/workspace/   --> note: (place your test resultFile in this folder)

    action 2: Publish Selenium Report

    value: */(Job Name)/workspace/.html

This way we can generate a successful selenium report.

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