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I need to download a shelveset from TFS to a local folder. Is there any tools or add-in for Visual studio 2010 to download shelveset

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What exactly is it that you're trying to do that you can't do with Visual Studio or tf.exe? –  Edward Thomson Oct 26 '12 at 7:46

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If you just need to get the files from the shelveset to your local folder, this is a normal process and called Unshelve. It downloads the files to your local folder.

enter image description here

For example, before unshelve you had the following in your local folder:

  • File 1
  • File 2

The shelveset has:

  • File 1 (Modified)
  • File 3 (Created)

After unshelve there will be:

  • File 1 (Updated)
  • File 2
  • File 3 (Added)

If you need to have only the files from the shelveset in your workspace folder without anything else, one of the ways would be:

  1. Create new workspace, but do not download anything (i.e. do not get the latest version)
  2. That should create an empty local folder
  3. Do unshelve by using either Visual Studio or tf.exe
  4. You should have only the files from the shelveset

You can find more about managing shelvesets here: Suspend Your Work and Manage Your Shelvesets (MSDN)

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I found out the way using TFS SideKicks

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