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I have a mapping interface that goes like this:

public interface IMapping<T> where T: class, IEntityModel
    IQueryable<U> Project<U>(IQueryable<T> set) where U : class, IModel;

If I want to instantiate specific mapping, I do it with:

public class UserMapping : IMapping<User>
    .... code that contains mapping between IEntityModel and IModel

Now I want to register all the mappings in the global.asax application_start and have my base repository use them to project to view models with generic methods. This is how my mapping resolver works right now:

public static class MappingResolver
    private static Dictionary<Type, object> Mappings = new Dictionary<Type, object>(); 

    public static void RegisterMapping<T, U>(U UMapping) where T: class, IEntityModel where U : IMapping<T> 
        Mappings.Add(typeof(T), UMapping);

    public static IMapping<T> GetMapping<T>() where T : class, IEntityModel
        return Mappings[typeof(T)] as IMapping<T>;

And it works just fine, except I don't like how adding of one mapping to resolver looks like:

MappingResolver.RegisterMapping<User, UserMapping>(new UserMapping());

What am I aiming to accomplish is syntax such as (syntax might not be right at all, it's just to depicit the idea):

MappingResolver.RegisterMapping((x,y) => {User, new UserMapping()});
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