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I have an ARM platform with two kinds of RAM. There's some SDRAM and internal SRAM. The USB controller on the platform needs a DMA address residing on the internal SRAM only. At the moment, I'm using a generic driver which gets usable DMA addresses from calling dma_pool_alloc.

Is there a way to tell the kernel to only give the USB driver DMA addresses that are on the internal SRAM rather than SDRAM?

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You must use a separate allocator. For example iram_alloc.c is used by IMX devices to get memory from internal SRAM. You may have to over-allocate to get memory that is on a boundary required by the DMA controller.

If memory goes into the generic kernel pools, there is no way to differentiate. Typically, if memory has special properties, a platform will provide alternate means to access it.

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DMA-API-HOWTO.txt and DMA-API.txt maybe helpful to others looking here. – artless noise Jul 26 '13 at 20:09

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