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In my controller I have

def update_project_dates
  p "It is end date....."

In the view page (only some part of the code is copied and pasted)

eventDrop: function() 

In my routes.rb I have mentioned

match '/update_project_dates' => 'users#update_project_dates', :method=> :get
get 'update_project_dates'

But When the ajax request goes, I get the routing error as

Routing Error

uninitialized constant UsersController

Where am I doing wrong here...Please help..

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Your matching route

match '/update_project_dates' => 'users#update_project_dates'

dispatches the request to the users controller’s update_project_dates action.

The error message however says that there is no UsersController. Make sure you are referring to the correct controller and that you haven't misspelled it.

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I guess, you should have this in your routes...

map.resources :users

which makes rails assume the controller is named UsersController (it's the default convention for this)

if You just want to make it singular.

map.resources :users, :controller => 'user'

or you just consider following Rails convention and renaming your controller to UsersController.

Multiple child models in dynamic form

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