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I have a problem with automatic data binding of boolean which is in embedded class. I created an example for this:

Domain Class:

class TestMe {

   TestEmbedded testEmbedded = new TestEmbedded()

   static embedded = ['testEmbedded']

   static constraints = {

Embedded Class:

class TestEmbedded {

   String stringEmbedded = "test"
   Boolean booleanEmbedded = false


class TestMeController {

    static scaffold = true

Scaffolded edit and creat renders inputs properly. When I create or edit an instant, embedded properties work fine. There is only one issue. When I try to edit a TestMe.testEmbedded.booleanEmbedded from true value to false value (using checkbox) (other way round edit works!), the data binding doesn't work. Is it a bug of grails? Is there any good workround?

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Make sure the field is actually being passed when set to false by printing the params in the controller. You'll have to create a dummy update method in the controller to test this:

class TestController {

    static scaffold = true

    def update() {
        params.each {
            printing it

Standard HTML forms don't send unchecked checkboxes; Grails creates a hidden variable (which is always sent) with an underscore in front of the checkbox name to handle this if you are using g:checkBox

If the form isn't using the g:checkBox you can either create the hidden variable manually or handle it with logic in the controller. Viewing the source of the generated page could be helpful.

Hopefully this helps!

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I'm using the g:checkBox for the checkboxes, therefore it uses the underscore property. The problem is exactly that the Grails data-binding works when it's a property of domain class but not when it's a property of embedded class. And to be honest I don't want to change the controller I would like to leave the scaffolding there. Any solution?:-) –  kuceram Oct 31 '12 at 14:08

I've created a Grails Issue for this because it seems to be a bug of Grails.


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Same problem here, really annoying. What would be a workaround? –  Klemens Jun 19 '13 at 9:52

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