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So I get the compile error "prefix attribute must be followed by an interface or protocol" in an xcode generated NS Managed Object subclass. The error is matched to the line @class AnswerSet, Section, SurveyStyle; and then all lines where these objects are used. The error seemed to have come at random but I am fairly convinced it originated from deleting some of the generated classes and then re-building them.

The code in the class is irrelevant as it worked before and compiles when I copy it into a new project.

So far I have tried deleting them all again and rebuilding. Cleaning the project. Restarting ect.

My last resort will be to copy everything across into a new project file and/or refactor what I have but I'm hoping someone can suggest something to save me from that!

Edit: Just attempted to rename the entity/class of the offending file. Xcode hanged and I force quit it. Renamed the file and refactored. Ended up with the same issue.

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can you show the lines for '@interface' and '@implement' in your .h and .m files, respectively? –  yeesterbunny Oct 26 '12 at 9:29
Its x-code standard generated code which when copied across to another project compiles without issues. –  Chris Mitchelmore Oct 26 '12 at 22:54

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Turns out the error was a result of a stray character outside the comments at the top of a class. Not sure why it didnt pick it up but it took a long time to track it down!

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Add The piece of code in implementation file(.m)import AVFoundation/AVFoundation.h

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