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I try to map the following html (it´s a small fce)..

    <div data-hero="1">
            <!-- Headline -->
            <!-- Small Text -->
                <span><!-- Button Text --></span>

Mapping is ok... But when i map the <span> i get a No content found div[1] div[1] p[2] a[1] span[1] error. The <a>-Tag is mapped outter so it should work..

What I try to achieve: Set a Text that is displayed in the <a>-tag, instead of the link target itself.

It´s a TYPO3 4.7 using the latest TemplaVoilà.

Why is that? Thanks in advance!


@biesior suggested this is not possible - so no i wrap a <span> into the <a>-tag via Typoscript.

Is there a chance to display a certain fields content in this <span> - speak: replacing the linktext, so that i can have a Click here for more ... instead of pageXY?

Btw: I use a linkfield and not the Rich-Text-Editor for setting the link.

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You can not map any element nested in previously mapped element.

The fastest solution is mapping the A tag, and wrapping inserted text with <span>|</span> with TypoScript.

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Thanks! Is it possible to have a fields content being filled into the a tag, or span, like Check this out... instead of page4 - of course individually for every used element? – Rockbot Oct 26 '12 at 10:07

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