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I am having an issue with my model validation on an MVC web page. When I display a string in a textbox it's length is longer than expected which breaks the validation. I have declared a string variable in my model with a StringLength validation attribute.

[Required(ErrorMessage = "Fault Description is required")]
[StringLength(255, ErrorMessage = "Fault Description must be under 255 characters")]
public string FaultDescription { get; set; }

My model loads my string from an SQL database, when I debug my code I can see that the string length is 255 (the maximum I have allowed).

I use the TextAreaFor html helper to render the string as a textarea input on my form.

<%= Html.TextAreaFor(m => m.FaultDescription, new { @maxlength = 255 })%>

When I view the form everything looks fine, but when I save the form I get a validation error for my string because it is too long. If I copy the contents of the textarea into NotePad++ I can see that the length has grown to 264. I cannot post the string contents but it does have line breaks. Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can work around it?

Edit The string is stored as varchar(255), not null on an MS SQL server.

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