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I have a normal WPF MVVM-Light application, that I tried opening in Blend (first time I used Blend for Visual Studio 2012 on my Windows 8 machine).

However, I'm not able to open the Design View, which pretty much renders Blend useless.

One issue I read was that it happens when your application's Output Type is set to Console, which isn't the case for me. Anyone else seen this?

enter image description here

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Apparantly, Blend included in VS2012 only supports Windows 8 Apps.

However, there's a preview been released for Blend + Sketchflow that allows other platforms here :

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Also, there's now a CTP available for VS2012's update 2, which includes Blend 2012, and support for WPF and Silverlight. Details here :… – grimstoner Jan 31 '13 at 6:19
Windows 8 Apps. Typical. Those idiots must think they work for Google Plus now. Thanks. More than a year later, that update is still not in the production version of VS2012. – Ed Plunkett Apr 12 '14 at 21:59

This appears to be the default Blend behavior when Blend does not support the .NET framework version that a project is configured to target. You can resolve this by opening the project in VS, opening the project properties(Alt-Enter), and changing the target framework to a supported version. For example, as of my writing this, Blend does not support .NET 4.5.2. You must convert it to 4.5.1 (c.f.

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