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Testing tool for developers Graph Api Explorer, when I make the following FQL query:

select uid, about_me from user where uid = me ()

With access_token without User Data Permissions & Friends selected, I think you should get an error OAuth, needing permits or user_about_me friends_about_me about_me field to query the user table, but instead received the correct answer.

I have the same behavior from the Graph API bio selecting the field and even from an Android test app that I used to test.

What is the problem? Thanks

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Well, when you first accessed and installed the Developers Site application, you were prompted with a permissions dialog. At that time you granted access to the basic information you are seeing.

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You mean the fact of entering the application Graph API Explorer and I have permission? So I have need for tokens? About_me? Profile is basic information is information or Users and Friends Permissions? Sorry if I do not quite understand the answer. We tested with another user of Facebook and the behavior is the same. – aelbaz Oct 26 '12 at 10:57
If you are testing with the api explorer, then it already has the correct permissions and access token it needs to get that basic data. There is a drop down in the top right or the api explorer that you can use to set the appropriate access tokens for a specific application. If you set it to your application, then you won't be able to see that data unless the user has already installed your application. – Lix Oct 26 '12 at 12:30

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