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If yes, what should be the data type specified in model explorer for those parameters.

When trying to make a circular buffer for images I'm getting an error in initialization: Attempt to extract field <field name> from double. I have initialized the structure as uint8.

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You should show us what you have done. A simple version of the code would be good. – angainor Oct 26 '12 at 10:32
What have you been trying? – deadly Oct 26 '12 at 10:38

It is possible, for example:

function y = fcn()
y = [1;2;3;4];

To access the structure elements you would then use a demux:simulink model shoing embedded matlab function and a demux with displays

The default setting for the data type is 'inherited' so it will depend on the following blocks. you may require another type, but note that for a structure the data type is for the elements rather than the outport.

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Yes, it is possible, see more details in the Simulink doc. If you need the structure to either be an input or output, what you would need to do is to create Simulink.Bus object to define the structure (similar to a C typedef). For internal variables, you should be able to use the standard MATLAB language to create and modify structs.

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