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From the documentation it seems that to fetch user's friends one needs users valid access token.

But it appears that I can fetch the ids of app user's friends even with app access token. Since it is undocumented I am not sure if it is by design or it is working only for my app / time being.

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As long as the user has authorized your app, you can get his friends with either his user access token or the app token. Not authorized == no friends available via app token. – CBroe Oct 26 '12 at 10:36
Can I also access all the details of the friends for which the user has given permissions to the app with the app access token? I am not 100% sure but long back I think had seen that the fields that can be fetched with app token were limited vs fields fetched with user's access token. – DivKis01 Oct 26 '12 at 12:17
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Yes you can can get an app user's friends with an app token. This is documented under

While an App Access Token is largely for the purposes of publishing information back to Facebook on behalf of the user, there is a limited set of information that can be retrieved from Facebook using an App Access Token.

  • Basic Profile Info of a User (ID, Name, Username, Gender)
  • A User’s Friends and their IDs
  • Permissions granted by the User to your App
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