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I have developed an application with OutSystems where I have an entity attribute whose data-type is integer. Now when I open up that particular form for editing purpose the entity attribute being of integer type the value by default in that textbox is displayed as 0(zero). I have to manually delele the default value and then enter some other value.

Is there any chance by which I see a 'cleared'(blank) textbox when I open up the form for editing.

Thanks !!

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You need to go to the input properties and in the Null Value set it to 0.

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Miguel Antunes - Thanks for your quick concern, it worked fine. Thanks a lot !! – Robert Langdon Nov 8 '12 at 6:16

Also as datatype is integer, in the null value property box I typed TextToInteger("") and it also works fine. This is another alternative to the above provided answer.

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