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It seems everyone's got the sample to work, but mine just won't...

I have nodejs 0.8.2 install in windows 7 64bit. Did a npm install -g typescript to get TypeScript support. Then I downloaded the source from TypeScript and tried the samples but I just can't get the node sample to compile. It returns the error message:

           if(_fs.existsSync(path)) {
TypeError: Object #(Object) has no method 'existsSync'

Has anyone else seen this problem?

Been looking around for hours without finding anything.

Say that I have this code:

///<reference path="node.d.ts"/>

import http = module("http");

var server = http.createServer(function (req, res)
    res.writeHead(200, { 'ContenType': 'text/plain' });
    res.end('Hello World');


Typed this up in Visual 2012 express for web, which showed no error. The reference is in place, and intellisense is working fine. But when I use the command-line tool with node to compile this file, it pops the error shown further up.. I did not include _fs.existsSync in my own code.

Ok... after playing around with tsc.js and nodejs... I realized that the _fs object created from require('fs') in node engine doesn't have a function called existsSync at all...

After searching a bit more... apparently this function is now under the path module... I'll try editing tsc.js to use the path module's existsSync function instead.

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Ok... change the tsc.js to use _path.existsSync instead seem to work. But after some more fiddling around, I found the the node version on my system is still v0.6.2. Even though I tried to install v0.8.12 downloaded from the site before. After removing v0.6.2 and installed v0.8.14, now the fs module contains the target function.

I wonder why the node version on this system was stuck on 0.6.2 ~''~

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I think the problem is because you a have a typo error in your code. Try using fs.existsSync(path). You are trying to assign a method to an object which does not exists.


or fs.exists() which is synonymous with the above, only you are using a callback if connection has succeeded.

fs.exists('/path/to/file', function (exists) {
  util.debug(exists ? "it's there" : "no passwd!");


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hmmm... but that is not my code... it's the sample given in the typescript source files downloaded from codeplex... –  user1600124 Oct 27 '12 at 8:27
which one have you tried? –  Simo Endre Oct 28 '12 at 9:39
have you seen the examples in the node samples from typescript? like... while referencing node.d.ts, if i have just import http = module("http"); in the code, the compile would fail –  user1600124 Oct 29 '12 at 3:16
found the problem... it's because somehow the node version on this system wasn't updated to 0.8.xx when I tried to install with the installer from nodejs.org. It was stuck with version 0.6.2, possibly because it was 32 bit version, and I tried to update it with a 64 bit installer. Thanks for the help anyways. –  user1600124 Oct 29 '12 at 4:06

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