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Ruby noob here. Any help with a little issue I'm having would be appreciated. I am trying to place an array into a connection string argument which is formatted as an array.

My array is as follows:

hosts = ["",""]

I need to pull the array apart and structure it like an array so that I can substitute all of the connections into the call at once. The number of hosts can vary so hence why its in an array.

hosts_mapped = hosts.map { |i| "'" + i.to_s + "'" }.join(",")

gives me "","" as a string I think... or this may have mapped it back to an array as I get an error which looks like the one below after trying to initiate a connection.

@conn = Mongo::ReplSetConnection.new([hosts_mapped], :refresh_mode => :sync, :refresh_interval => 10)

Exception `Mongo::ConnectionFailure' at gems/mongo-1.7.0/lib/mongo/util/pool_manager.rb:282 - Cannot connect to a replica set using seeds '
Mongo::ConnectionFailure: Cannot connect to a replica set using seeds '

As you can see it only seems to reference the first entry. I need to hold this array in a configuration file so this is the reason it does not go directly into the connection string above. To me it seems I have mapped hosts_mapped back to an array, but if I puts hosts_mapped I get the string in the correct format.


A working connection string looks like:

@conn = Mongo::ReplSetConnection.new(["",""], :refresh_mode => :sync, :refresh_interval => 10)

Does anyone have any idea where I am going wrong here?

Full code to test:

#!/usr/bin/ruby -d 
require "mongo" 
hosts = ["",""] 
hosts_mapped = hosts.map {|i| "'" + i.to_s + "'" }.join(",") @conn =
Mongo::ReplSetConnection.new([hosts_mapped], :refresh_mode => :sync,:refresh_interval => 10)
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According to the docs Mongo::ReplSetConnection.new can take an array:

Mongo::ReplSetConnection.new(['localhost:30000', 'localhost:30001'])

Since you already have an array, you can just pass it as the first parameter:

hosts = ["",""]
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you beat me by 15 seconds! –  nonocut Oct 26 '12 at 10:42
Hi Stefan, thanks for your reply. Works! I had actually attempted the substitution in this format before. I moved on when I got an error. I had a look at my configuration file and I had malformed the array, so hence why I got an error. I was then fixated on other methods to get this working. Thanks for the quick answer. Note to self: Always check your config file. –  Mr G Oct 26 '12 at 11:11

you already have an array hosts = ["",""]

And if @conn = Mongo::ReplSetConnection.new(["",""], :refresh_mode => :sync, :refresh_interval => 10) works all you need to do is

@conn = Mongo::ReplSetConnection.new(hosts, :refresh_mode => :sync, :refresh_interval => 10)
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Thanks for the reply. Works too! Stefan got there before you. :( –  Mr G Oct 26 '12 at 11:13

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