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I am trying to create drop-downs as per the int value specified in txtCols on its onkeyup function like this:

    var $count = $(this).val();


    // define matrix header options available
    var matrixHeaders = {
        'TB': 'Text Box',
        'DD': 'Drop Down',
        'CL': 'Calendar'

    for ($i=0;$i<$count;$i++) 

        var s = $('<select id="header'+$i+'"/>');
        for(var val in matrixHeaders) {
            $('<option />', {value: val, text: matrixHeaders[val]}).appendTo(s);


The drop-downs are generated with id='header+i' [increment variable] Now, on the selection of these drop-downs, i want to trigger an event basically to generate Text Box, Drop Down or Calendar as per the selections made.

My code for it is this:

$(function(j) {
   $('#header' + j).change(function() {
      alert('Got Value');

Also tried:

$(document).on('change', '#header' + j, function() {        

But this event is not working.

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try this:

first add class to your selects smth like: select id="header'+$i+'" class="header"/

next add handler:

$(".header").live("change", function () {
    var id = $(this).attr("id").split("header").join(""); //get i
    var opt = $("#header" + id + " option:selected").val(); //or whatever you need
    switch (opt) {
      case ..
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Fantastic friend.. it worked.. Thanx.. – do_do_do Oct 26 '12 at 10:59

Use the on function to have the handler called on dynamically added elements :

$(document).on('change', '#header' + j, function() {

or, for any j :

$(document).on('change', '[id^="header"]', function() {

But I would rather use a class than a selector matching start of id :

$(document).on('change', '.header', function() {
var s = $('<select class=header id="header'+$i+'"/>');
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please see... my code.. i have edited .. Is dat what you are saying ?? Its below.. Also tried header – do_do_do Oct 26 '12 at 10:38
I suggest pls.. give me full script.. as its not working.. in this way. – do_do_do Oct 26 '12 at 10:45

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