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I have a windows form into which im updating a text from powershell, just like a scripts progress status, im trying to auto move to a new line into the textbox but im unable to do that

I tried [System.Environment]::NewLine but it did not work

$nl = [System.Environment]::NewLine


$textbox1.Text = "PS $i> Running Script"


enter image description here

Could Any of you guys helpe me out on how to move the cursor automatically to the next line Maybe Show

PS2> Script Started

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Honestly? I cannot explain that behaviour unless there was something that would convert U+000a to \n and U+000d to \r before it writes to that textbox. – Joey Oct 31 '12 at 14:06

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Try this:

$nl = "`r`n"
$textbox1.Text = "PS $i> Running Script"
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I found this solution

$textbox1.AppendText("PS $i> Running Script`r`n")
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