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I would like to unmarshal a Json to a Map/List of Strings (eg Map>...)

Here is my input:

{"code":"adresseMateriau","value":"Material address1"}]} 

I would like to be able to do "something" like this after unmarshaling:

myJsonMapped.get("pointsOfSale").get("pointOfSale").get(0).get("source").get("href").equals("\/sources\/TEST") == true 

For instance, with Gson we can do this kind of decoding:

new Gson().fromJson(json, Map.class); 

I know I can do this with a simple bean or processor etc...

I just want to know of I can do this more efficiently with a native JSON camel component config

EDIT: I tried different thing already like : unmarshal().json()... or unmarshal().json(JsonLibrary.Gson, Map.class).. etc... without succes :'(

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You could do something like this with jackson.

  <json id="jack" library="Jackson"/>


  <from uri="direct:test"/>
  <unmarshal ref="jack"/>
  <process ref="something"/>

Or in java with gson:


If you're not getting it to work, please state error and so fourth.

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