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I need to change the layout_weight of 3 views in a layout, according to the physical size of the screen. The views have the weight of 0-1-0, but this has to change to 0.2-0.6-0.2 when the layout is used in an xlarge screen.

I tried saving the layout_weight inside different copies of the dimensions.xml (one in values/dimensions and an other one in values-xlarge/dimensions), but it looks like I cannot give a dimension without setting dp/px or w/e (cannot save a "raw" number like 1, or 0.2).

Is it possible to do via xml somehow, or do I have to work programmatically in order to achieve that?

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Try an integer resource file. It is very similar to dimensions.

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You sir, are a life saver! Kudos! – Alex Styl Oct 26 '12 at 13:32

Create a file in your corresponding values folders i.e. values, values-large, values-xlarge, .... Add a resources file with content similar to this example:

<resources xmlns:android="">
    <item type="integer" name="layout_weight_xy">7</item>

and then call


in your layout file.

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You can create special layout in layout-xlarge folder and provide different weights there

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I could, but it is much easier to maintain 1 layout, instead of 3 (one for each screen size I want to change the weight of) – Alex Styl Oct 26 '12 at 13:32

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