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I am writing a piece of code, where i have a jqgrid and a filter with a textbox on the top, i have used the jquery ui autocomplete functionality, everything works fine, but i need to customize the functionality now i.e on autocomplete results when i select a option it should filter the grid with the result selected. Following is the example given below:

    // i am doing a search on the textbox with auto complete feature
    grid.jqGrid('setColProp', 'Name',
        searchoptions: {
        dataInit: function(elem) {
            matchContains: true,
            grid.setGridParam('postData', ui.item.value);
            return false;
            // need to write the code which will trigger the reload here on selection

On select function i need the selected option to be loaded in the jqgrid, how can i do it. Please suggest solution.

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If you have implemented server side sorting and paging for your jqgrid then this should be easy, you simply need to reload the jqgrid.

To reload the grid see this, use this line of code

 $("#grid1").trigger("reloadGrid", [{current:true}]);

this will reload the jqgrid, where you can pass in the paramters using postData: and get the filtered data.

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