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Spring 3.0 introduced the Type Conversion API and Field Formatting API, containing Printer, Parser, Formatter (Converter), FormatterRegistry... (and Spring 3.1 introduced FormatterRegistrar.)

But I found no already build in way to register my own Printer or Parser. I only find a way to register Formatter in the FormatterRegistry.

So my question is, did I need to implement a way to register a Printer or Parser by my own, or did I have overlooked something.

The question is NOT how to implement it by my own, the question is simple whether I have overlooked something.

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Since a Formatter is both, a Printer and a Parser, you can implement this interface and register you class as described here: http://blog.springsource.org/2011/02/21/spring-3-1-m1-mvc-namespace-enhancements-and-configuration/

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