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I've got several constants defined in one of my classes and would like to use on of them in my application.ini, is this possible?

logger.main.level = \My\App\Logger::WARNING

This does not seem to work, it just parses it as a string

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If you want to use the value of a constant in your application.ini you need to define the constant in the /public/index.php file (see the APPLICATION_PATH).

If you want to do it cleanly in your code I would eiter do it using the log level manually with the numeric value (assuming the constant is numeric as in Zend_Log) since this value is not likely to change or do it in the index.php and define a new constant named something like LOGLEVEL_WARNING (you can then get the value of the constant statically from your class), which you will be able to use in the application.ini file like logger.main.level = LOGLEVEL_WARNING

My pick would be the numeric value in the application.ini file like this : = "Stream" = APPLICATION_PATH "/../data/logs/application_" DATESTAMP ".log" = "a" = "Priority" = 4

Take a look at APPLICATION_PATH and DATESTAMP which are constants that I have defined in my index.php

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I believe that PHP's parse_ini_file() function only has access to constants in the global space and not in the class space.

I haven't been able to use My_Class::MYCONST or My\Class::MYCONST in any .ini file.

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