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I have a VB.Net function which executes a Oracle Stored Proc and returns a dataset. Below is a list of sample records

OrderID  OrderDetail Qty   Date        Supplier Price
1          Books      10   10-Aug-08   ABC Inc    100.00
1          Pens       20   10-Aug-08   ABC Inc    300.00
2          Keys       1    20-Aug-09   Blue cross 100.00
2          Nots       3    30-Aug-09   Blue Cross 200.00

The above records are returned as a dataset in my function.

Using the above dataset int two different functions how can I return data as shown below.

  1. First function should return only distinct orderID records
  2. Second function should take OrderID as input and return records based on orderID

Any suggestions?


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For the select distinct, check out Select DISTINCT on DataTable. For the other, use the DataTable.Select method. Assuming that the DataTable is the first in the DataSet ...

var dt   = ds.Tables[0];
var rows = dt.Select( "OrderID = 1" );

(Sorry, I don't know any VB :)

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