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At the end of I read about

{% trans_default_domain "app" %}

to set a translation domain for a whole template. But for me it does not work. Calling

app/console translation:extract de --dir=src/ --output-dir=app/Resources/translations --output-format=xliff --keep

Just puts all messages in the file.

But if I set the domain manually for a given label like

{{|trans({}, 'app') }}

And execute the same extract command as above, then I get a new file

Is there anything more to do when using trans_default_domain?

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It seems that you forget simple quot, try this instead

{{ ''|trans({}, 'app') }}

or this

{{ ''|trans }}
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{% trans_default_domain "app" %}

That's working fine, but you should clear your cache if the translation files didn't exist before to get it working.

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