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How to retrieve identity ID when inserting a row in the db using linq?

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If you've set the properties of that "ID" row to "Auto-Generated Value" = true and "Auto-Sync" to "OnInsert"

alt text

..... just read it after you've saved the changes using .SubmitChanges(). No special tricks or anything needed....

So in case of the NerdDinner sample:

using(NerdDinnerContext ctx = new NerdDinnerContext())
    Dinner upcoming = new Dinner();

    // set all properties for the dinner 
    upcoming.EventDate = DateTime.Today.AddDays(30);


    int newDinnerID = upcoming.DinnerID;

Now "newDinnerID" should contain the newly added IDENTITY.


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gratz on the sql-server silver badge Marc –  Remus Rusanu Aug 20 '09 at 21:28
Thanks, Remus! You're not far away from it yourself :-) –  marc_s Aug 21 '09 at 5:04

LINQ to SQL should automatically retrieve the identity of the inserted object, and update the field you mapped to the primary key accordingly - so long as the mapped PK property is marked as [Column(IsDbGenerated=true)].

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