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This is my composer.json file:

"require": {
    "php": ">=5.4",
    "zendframework/zendframework": "2.*",
    "doctrine/doctrine-module": "dev-master",
    "doctrine/doctrine-orm-module": "0.*",
    "gedmo/doctrine-extensions": "dev-master"
"require-dev": {
    "phpunit/phpunit": "3.7.*"
"scripts": {
    "post-update-cmd": [
        "rm -rf vendor/Behat",
        "git clone git://",
        "cp composer.phar Behat/composer.phar",
        "cd Behat && git submodule update --init",
        "cd Behat && php composer.phar install",
        "cd Behat && php composer.phar require guzzle/guzzle:3.0.*",
        "mv Behat vendor/Behat",
        "ln -sf ../Behat/bin/behat vendor/bin/"

How can I make it so the scripts are only run in the dev environment?

Basically I want the scripts to run only when I call:

php composer.phar update --dev
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To do the non-development environment update without triggering any scripts, use the --no-scripts command line switch for the update command:

php composer.phar update --no-scripts

By default Composer scripts are only executed in the base package. So you could have one package for development and in the life environment make it a dependency of the live system.

Apart from that I do not see any way to differentiate scripts automatically.

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It's not possible to choose different script for default install and the --dev option but you can use the method isDevMode() in Composer\Script\Event to run command only in a development enviroment.

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