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im looking for a short tutorial for starting with EDSDK and Objective-C. Im using OS X 10.8 and XCode 4.5.1. It starts with complaining about missing header files windows.h. Cant even compile the sample project. And the EDSDK Referance is not that helpful Anyone?

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there is a problem with the EDSDK header files.

To fix this go to your /EDSDK2.11.3M/EDSDK/Header (or the location you put your EDSDK to) and open the EDSDK.h file and make changes at lines 30 and 762:

delete MACOS
(there are 2 underscores before and after, for some reason it does not show here) and replace it by APPLE (again, 2 underscores before and after)

Save the changes and close the file.

Open the EDSDKTypes.h and do the same changes at lines 25, 37, 88, 1335.

Also, don`t forget that EDSDK is currently for 32-bit only, so in XCode you have to be in i386 mode.

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No way. Thank u so much. I figuered the i386 out but that problem described here was breaking my ballz ;) Couldnt find any other answer like urs on th web. THANKS! –  Martin Dabbel Ju Smelter Oct 29 '12 at 23:53

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