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I thought that both types would bring you to the root folder, but apparently, they work differently, once you do a URL rewrite.

For instance, I normally use / which I know will bring you to the root folder and it does when a URL has been rewritten.

When someone else tried to use ~/ after a URL has been rewritten, then the path fails to find the file. Why is that?

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Where is that used exactly? example.com/~/? In rewrite rules? In file paths? –  deceze Oct 26 '12 at 13:14

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/ will take you back to the root of your website.

~/ will take you to the home folder of your application on the website.

If your application is in a folder called myApp, for example, so the URL looks like this


and in your application you use ~/Scripts/jquery.js then the path referenced will be


whereas just using / would send you all the way back to the root of the website

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Note that the ~/ URLs will only work when processed by ASP.NET. You can call ResolveUrl on that URL, or use it in an <asp:HyperLink /> or <asp:Image />, but just adding a ~/ URL into regular HTML isn't going to be transformed into the correct URL. That is, the browser doesn't know anything about ~/ URLs, and won't be able to resolve them to the intended resource. –  bdukes Oct 26 '12 at 13:28

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