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I have used NUnrar to extract my files :

NUnrar.Archive.RarArchive archive = NUnrar.Archive.RarArchive.Open(location + "1.rar");

foreach (RarArchiveEntry item in archive.Entries)
    string path = Path.Combine(location, Path.GetFileName(item.FilePath));

If my file has no any sub directory all things works but if rar file has sub directory all of them extracted to same folder how i can keep model of sub directory and file places

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I've had to do some experimenting to get NUnrar to work properly as well. Perhaps the little success I had can help you.

RarArchive archive = RarArchive.Open(@"D:\Archives\Test.rar");
foreach (RarArchiveEntry entry in archive.Entries)
        string fileName = Path.GetFileName(entry.FilePath);
        string rootToFile = Path.GetFullPath(entry.FilePath).Replace(fileName, "");

        if (!Directory.Exists(rootToFile))

        entry.WriteToFile(rootToFile + fileName, ExtractOptions.ExtractFullPath | ExtractOptions.Overwrite);
    catch (Exception ex)
        //handle your exception here..

The code I have already uses (Exception e) further up, so I had to use (Exception ex) instead. It's probably sloppy code, and could do with a tidy up - but being as late as it is I'm inclined to leave it be as it 'works'..

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I'd think RarArchive.ExtractToDirectory(source, destination); should work.

Or using your loop, change it to string path = Path.Combine(location, item.FilePath);

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