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I have been struggling with this for 16 hours straight and I am at my wits end. I have read all manpages, attempted to make my own, tried several examples and modded many to no avail.

All I want to do is grab some lines from my DB and be able to access each rows variables (column data) individually.

 #!/usr/bin/perl -w
    use strict;
    use CGI;
    use CGI ':standard';
    use CGI::Carp qw(fatalsToBrowser warningsToBrowser);
    print CGI::header(-expires => '-1d');
    use DBI;

use vars qw($getstate $hookup $query $results $city $state $pages $category $lastupdate $progress $actual $city1 $state1 $pages1 $category1 $lastupdate1 $progress1 $actual1);

    $getstate = 'Arizona'; ## actually comes in from a query

    ##$hookup is returned from a sub with database credentials
   $query = $hookup->prepare(qq{SELECT `city`,`state`,`pages`,`category`,`lastupdate`,`progress`,`actual` FROM `statesettings` WHERE `pages` > `progress` AND `state` LIKE ? ORDER BY `lastupdate` ASC LIMIT 2}); 
    $query->bind_param(1, "%$getstate%");
    $query->execute() or die "Query did not execute";

    ## I HAVE TRIED all kinds of ways to fetch data! fetchall_arrayref() fetchrow_array() and dozens upon dozens of attempts.

    while ($results = $query->fetchrow_hashref) {
    $city = $results->{city};
    $pages = $results->{pages};
    $category = $results->{category};
    $lastupdate = $results->{lastupdate};
    $progress = $results->{progress};
    $actual = $results->{actual};
    }## end WHILE

Which, in above for example, I can only figure out how to access one row.

But I want something like: (obviously set up for number of rows I asked for)

$city = $arr[0]['city']; #city from row 0
$city1 = $arr[1]['city']; #city from row 1

OR WHATEVER allows me to get each rows column data individually for use further in!

I was actually successful with a huge piece of code I wrote that pushed all data into an array with a ':' dividing the rows which I split later on then looped each one. Was prob a great example of how to get my result with the most possible code. I know what I want to do is "built in" but, I just don't possess the brain power. I feel completely brain dead in that I cannot figure this out after so many hours. Too close to see possibly?

I would like a little explanation along with any sample code so, I can learn / understand the mechanics. Thanks so much for your guidance...

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You can write:

my @arr;
while ($results = $query->fetchrow_hashref)
  push @arr, $results;

and then perform any other assignments you want:

my $city = $arr[0]->{'city'}; # city from first row
my $city1 = $arr[1]->{'city'}; # city from second row


my @all_cities = map { $_->{'city'} } @arr;

my $city = $all_cities[0]; # city from first row
my $city1 = $all_cities[1]; # city from second row
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Thank you, trying now... –  Jim_Bo Oct 26 '12 at 13:52
Thank you! Both worked perfectly and exactly what I wanted! Can I have some of your D.N.A.? –  Jim_Bo Oct 26 '12 at 14:51
@Jim_Bo: You're welcome! –  ruakh Oct 26 '12 at 15:03
How would I do something like: my ($city,$state,$pages,$category,$lastupdate,$progress,$actual) = @arr[row1]; AND my ($city1,$state1,$pages1,$category1,$lastupdate1,$progress1,$actual1) = @arr[row2]; –  Jim_Bo Oct 26 '12 at 17:35
@Jim_Bo: Each element of @arr is a hash-ref, not an array-ref, so the data-points are not ordered. There's no sense in which $arr[0]->{'city'} comes "before" $arr[0]->{'state'}. The closest you could come is my ($city,$state,$pages,$category,$lastupdate,$progress,$actual) = @{$arr[0]}{qw/city state pages category lastupdate progress actual/}; . . . but anyway, why you want that? Why do you want a separate variable-name for each field in each row? That doesn't really make sense to me. –  ruakh Oct 26 '12 at 17:43

You are almost there.

my $res_arrayref;
while ($results = $query->fetchrow_hashref) {
... your code...
push @{$res_arrayref}, $result;

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What is ... your code ...? I just removed that. Also changed $result to $results but, still could not get it to return anything. –  Jim_Bo Oct 26 '12 at 14:40

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