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So, I have an interesting dilemma here. I have a Tomcat 7 server setup with the manager application.

The exact command [within reason] I am running is as follows: curl -k --upload-file ~/[build.directory]/ROOT.war https://[ManagerLoginName]:[ManagerLoginPwd]@[fqdn-serverName]:8443/manager/text/deploy?war=ROOT.war&path=/&update=true

I am getting FAIL - Invalid context path null was specified

If I run the /manager/text/reload?path=/ it reloads the context, the same as if I run the undeploy command, it undeploy's correctly. It just seems that I cannot deploy using:


The syntax is correct, I'm kind of stumped as why this would not deploy. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated

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It was a permissions based issue at the firewall.

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