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I'm using Kohana 3.3.0 and i have a controller which is supposed to save blog articles to a database then redirect to the homepage, my code is as follows:-

class Controller_Article extends Controller {

const INDEX_PAGE = 'index.php/article';

public function action_post() {

$article_id = $this->request->param('id');
$article = new Model_Article($article_id);
$article->values($_POST); // populate $article object from $_POST array
$article->save(); // saves article to database


The article saves to database but the redirect line gives the error:-

ErrorException [ Fatal Error ]: Call to undefined method Request::redirect()

Please let me know how i can do the redirect.


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Yeah, Request::redirect is not longer exists. So in order to easily to move from 3.2 to 3.3 I extented Kohana_Request class and added redirect method. Just create Request.php in classes folder and write

class Request extends Kohana_Request {

 * Kohana Redirect Method
 * @param string $url
public function redirect($url) {


So you will be able to use both Request::redirect and $this->request->redirect

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+1 Thank you very much @Vladimir. Your solution worked great! –  Anthony Sep 10 '13 at 3:58

You're getting the Exception because as of Kohana 3.3, Request no longer has the method redirect.

You can fix your example by replacing




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in your controller $this->redirect('page');

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Kohana 3.3 is File CamelCase keysensitive try change

const INDEX_PAGE = 'index.php/Article';

don't forguet rename your controller file article.php -> Article.php

And replace Request::redirect() -> HTTP::redirect()

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This is too ambiguous, too incomplete. –  Andrew Koper Jul 6 '13 at 6:06

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