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I have two heroku environments and I'd like to copy the latest backup of the Production database to my Development environment.

With the CLI, this is easy:

heroku pgbackups:restore DATABASE `heroku pgbackups:url --app Production` --app Development --confirm Development

But I'd like to automate this. So I made it a rake task that uses the heroku_api gem. This should allow to call it from the Heroku Scheduler.

task :auto_refresh do
  @heroku =
  @heroku.post_ps('Development', 'heroku pgbackups:restore DATABASE `heroku pgbackups:url --app Production` --app Development --confirm Development')

This does not work. All it does is refresh Development from the latest Development backup.

Any ideas how I can automate this?

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Using the 'heroku' gem (not 'heroku-api' gem), you can manipulate the list of backups from one app to another

When you install the pgbackups addon, it creates a config variable PGBACKUPS_URL. You'll need to use this value in your Dev app like so:

# Get the latest backup
client ='')
backup = client.get_latest_backup

backup['public_url] should contain the URL you want to restore from using the code you have above

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