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I am trying to build fann neural network library in ubuntu 12.04 but failed to use it as the testing routine is not working. Following the instructions in After cmake and install when I want to test if the library is working, by cd to examples and then running:

make runtest

what I get is here:

gcc -O3 xor_train.c -o xor_train -lfann -lm
gcc -O3 xor_test.c -o xor_test -lfann -lm
gcc -O3 -DFIXEDFANN xor_test.c -o xor_test_fixed -lfixedfann -lm
gcc -O3 simple_train.c -o simple_train -lfann -lm
gcc -O3 steepness_train.c -o steepness_train -lfann -lm
gcc -O3 simple_test.c -o simple_test -lfann -lm
gcc -O3 robot.c -o robot -lfann -lm
gcc -O3 mushroom.c -o mushroom -lfann -lm
gcc -O3 cascade_train.c -o cascade_train -lfann -lm
gcc -O3 scaling_test.c -o scaling_test -lfann -lm
gcc -O3 scaling_train.c -o scaling_train -lfann -lm

Training network
Creating network.
./xor_train: symbol lookup error: /usr/local/lib/ undefined symbol: pow
make: *** [runtest] Error 127

I tried this couple of times with different sources and versions but still I got the same error.

Does anyone have a solution for that? or any other option to use this library without having all these errors.


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To avoid this make sure of the following:

Make sure you have g++ installed:

sudo aptitude install g++

Make sure you have installed libfann2

sudo aptitude install libfann-dev libfann2

It would also be great to check that you have gcc, make, cmake-data and cmake-dbg

sudo aptitude install make cmake-data cmake-dbg

Finally install

sudo aptitude install build-essential

And once inside of the file, import:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <floatfann.h>
#include <fann.h>

With these steps, it should work!

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